Our Therapists

Yarek has been interested and passionate about holistic approach to health since his childhood. He grew up with intimate contact with nature in the beautiful countryside in central Poland. He believes that these early influential years provided him with an incredibly rich experience that resulted in his later quests.

Yarek’s entire life is a journey and an exploration of human purpose, interconnectedness and holistic awareness. Yarek learned that our health can only be viewed from the holistic perspective. Our body, mind and spirit are one and additionally we are all connected to our environment. Thus, while treating someone the practitioner should take into consideration all the above aspects. Massage affects our health positively but also heals us on deeper level through the process of being accepted and cared for. In that way, the physical and emotional space that has been created allows us to unwind and let go of any emotional and mental blocks.

Yarek is a fully insured and professionally trained massage therapist to the internationally certified level. He uses a number of techniques while performing Swedish, Advanced Deep Tissue, and Indian Head Massage. Each session is individually tailored to the needs of a client and further adjusted as the process of healing takes place.

Ola strongly believes in the healing potential of massage therapy; in particular, its ability to reduce recovery time, prevent injuries and maximize performance. She spent her childhood, teens and part of her adulthood as a volleyball player. The first serious injury, just before important competition and a very positive body response to rehabilitation – that was the beginning of her adventure...

Ola holds a university degree in Physiotherapy, and also is fully qualified in Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy. She is also experienced in Lymphatic Drainage, Swedish and Advance Deep Tissue Massage, Kinesiology, and Reflexology. Ola’s mission is to support her clients in achieving a life balance through personal wellness. She works from the holistic perspective, always remembering about the mind/body connection. She mindfully focuses on injury, rehabilitation and prevention, always with great compassion.

Ola identifies herself with Hippocrates’s words – it’s always better to prevent than treat. She also strongly believes that movement can replace medication, however there is no medication that can replace the movement. Ola works with her clients to find success in movement and self-care, and facilitates an enriching journey of becoming more conscious, functional, and healthy in their body and mind.